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Discover The Truth About How Alan Belcher Went From 200-700 Students & Tripled His School

Alan is a smart guy and when he needed help with his school he turned to me.

He purchased an airline ticket, got a hotel, took time away from his family, flew to DC and attended My MMA Blueprint event. He quickly learned the blueprint system and invested in one of our products, the MMA Sales Blueprint System.

These systems allowed him to go from 200-700 students, practically tripling his school. This is why I believe EVERYONE should get this book. (You can see his testimonial above.)

I also played a major role in helping with the launch of one of Alan’s online programs.

His wife, Ashlee, contacted me saying how much Alan wanted her to attend one of my events and how he really wanted to take off with this “internet marketing thing”.

They loved my training so much that they even sent their school manager Mike Sanford, to another one of my events to learn My MMA Blueprint.

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