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Lloyd Irvin here…

MMA Business Coach is the Coaching and Consulting division of The MMA Millionaires.

How the story began.

In 2010, I decided to hold a one day event to help school owners improve their school. No one else in the world cared about, or wanted to help BJJ/MMA school owners. They had been deemed, not worthy.

I was already widely known in that niche, I was the first guy in this niche using online marketing, selling products and running a ‘real business’ instead of treating it like a hobby. PLUS, I was getting crazy results on the competition circuit and had UFC fighters kicking ass.

Everyone wanted to know how I was able to do it. So I did a one day event to show them how.

I stood on the stage, for over 14 hours straight dropping knowledge. At the 14th hour, I realized I could go on for days and still not cover everything.

So, I announced that I would do a 4 day event five months later! Everyone signed up for the event.

I called it The MMA Blueprint Event.

But before I ended this one day event…

I offered everyone the opportunity to work with me in a coaching group. I was only charging $15,000 to be in the group. Although I knew this would be expensive for some of these school owners, I explained the reality to them.

I said…

“Right now in my other niches my coaching programs run $30k, $60k & $100K to work with me. I know that most can’t afford my normal fees. To help out I’m going to start coaching in the school owner niche and start my program at only $15K.

But I must warn you of two things.

#1 – There will be a point that I will not be personally coaching anyone at this $15K price point.
#2 – The price to work with me will increase soon.”

Then I made them all ONE PROMISE.

“Everyone that gets accepted into my coaching program, I will change your entire business life!”

That was it in a nutshell. Pretty simple.

Some believed me, others didn’t, many submitted an application and a limited few got accepted.
What happened next changed the BJJ/MMA school industry forever!

My MMA Blueprint started changing school owners lives, practically everyone who was someone attended my events, invested in my courses, or applied to be in one of my coaching programs.

School owners that learned my MMA blueprint started doing life changing numbers.

Over the next couple of years, I created 3 levels of coaching programs: Platinum $15K, Platinum Plus $30K and Titanium $60K.

In 2012, I handed over the Platinum and Platinum Plus level groups daily coaching responsibilities, to my good friend and Titanium Mastermind member Master Marcos Avellan.

I worked exclusively with the Titanium members.

In 2013, while looking over the stats of the coaching students I discovered something very interesting.

The schools that had the largest growth were members that had massive access to Master Marcos or I and “actually used their access.”

Don’t get me wrong, even the members in the lower tiered groups had success that most school owners only dream of, but..

When I looked at the schools that doubled, tripled and quadrupled their profits the mass majority of them were in the one-on-one coaching levels.

That’s when the light bulb went off!

I wanted to be able to provide as many school owners with this level of coaching, even if they couldn’t afford my fees.

So, I created The MMA Business Coach Certification Program. To give school owners access to our systems that couldn’t afford to apply to the higher tier programs.

This Certification was once only available to my $60K coaching members, who were following the blueprint and crushing it. Each member has to go through a grueling 24 month training program.

Now, we have a wide variety of MMA Business Coaches to serve school owners.

Honestly, I’m a brash, in your face, get shit done, champion minded coach. I don’t resonate with everyone, some can’t take the pressure of being held accountable, like I do it. If you have a problem being coached by someone that wants you to win and will push you to win, I won’t be your cup of tea.

Master Marcos is a more understanding gent! I DO NOT understand bullshit.

If you want to go from $5,000 a month to $25,000 a month, there are changes you’re going to have to make. Point blank, Period, end of story! (Most aren’t willing to make these changes right away and that’s why they’re in the situation in the first place.)

Now, some of our female MMA Business Coaches on the other hand are so loving and caring. Some owners need that style, our lady coaches are GREAT and they help school owners get amazing results.

Sometimes they’ll be calling to check on you more than you’re contacting them.

But every MMA Business Coach has their own style, and I’m super happy that we have programs for all school owners no matter what type of budget they are on.

So, if you would like for one of our MMA Business Coaches to create a personalized Blueprint for your school CLICK HERE to schedule a time to get on the phone with us.

Let me make this painfully clear, I’ve created tons of FREE resources that you can use to help your school.

I’m hoping that you find these FREE resources so valuable that you want to invest into some of our paid resources.

But most importantly, I’m hoping you decide to treat your business like a real business, and not a hobby!

Lloyd Irvin Jr. aka The MMA Business Coach aka The Most Ripped Of Martial Arts Marketer In The World

P.S. If you skimmed the page, here’s the short version

  1. MMA Business Coach now has coaching programs for schools at all levels.
  2. You have options to work with a certified business coach, Master Marcos or Myself
  3. We have FREE resources to help your school. Get my FREE BOOK NOW

P.P.S. If you’ve never heard the long version of how you ended up here, you can read below (everyone needs to write a cool story about themselves, here’s mine lol).

Here’s the long version of my journey and how MMA business coach came about.

In the 90’s I was given a VHS tape of UFC 1, I watched it, fell in love with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and that began my BJJ journey.

In 1996, I got my blue belt in BJJ in only 30 days, 5 months later my instructor Leo Dalla moved back to Brazil, two weeks later I opened my own MMA school with 6 months of training in BJJ.

Everyone thought I was crazy! I probably was.

I started in a 300 sq ft room in the back of a fitness center, 6 months later moved to a 1,200 sq ft space, 2 years later moved to a 5,000 sq ft space after Billy Blanks Tae Bo BLEW up my ladies kick boxing classes, and I went from zero to over 500 female students.

I thought I was rich!

90 days later those 500 students had shrunk to about 40 active paying students. (Yeah at that time, I thought student contracts were stupid, how dumb I was.)

Now, I had this 5000 sq ft space with less students than I had when I had the 300 sq ft space.

I was 3 months behind on rent so I decided to fly to Brazil to compete. (Smart idea right?)
While in Brazil, I got an email from Stephen Oliver. The Subject line read “Would you like to add $100K to your school?” or something close to that.

My answer was HELL YEAH!

I invested in what he was selling, it cost $395 and I ran the credit card.

Then I got access to some type of file to download. (I thought to myself “$395 for a download file?” now that’s sweet.)

I was desperate, about to go out of business and willing to try anything.

Well, the info he delivered, worked and saved my school.

So what I did next may surprise you, I GAVE HIM MORE MONEY TO LEARN MORE.

I purchased an airline ticket, got a hotel and flew to Colorado for his school owner business event.

The event concepts were great for me BUT…there was one thing that I didn’t like and it kept coming up during every conversation.

It was like everyone in attendance hated BJJ & MMA schools. Thought it was a joke, they basically told me that no one wants anyone sweating on them etc.

One guy told me “If you want to make real money get rid of your competition team, competitors and stop teaching grappling! No one wants to grapple.”

Well, I tuned that garbage out, focused on learning what I could learn, and got back to Maryland.

Before I left that event, I invested $5,000 more to get a big box of stuff.

One item in that box was a Copy Writing course from Dan Kennedy and a membership to Dan’s newsletter.

I became obsessed with direct response marketing, copy writing and direct mail.

I received an email from Dan that said “If you want to learn internet marketing I only trust this man”.

I opened it, it spoke about the Godfather of Internet Marketing Ken McCarthy and promoted an event he had coming up.

My school was doing beyond great now, I had discovered a way to take what I learned and make it work for BJJ/MMA schools. The core marketing concepts that work around the clock, the culture, the systems and processes needed to run a BJJ/MMA like a real business, but still allow you to have high level competitors/fighters. It was way different and something they didn’t understand, but I wanted more…

I wanted to make millions online like I read about.

So, in 2003 I invested in Ken’s system seminar and my life would never be the same again.

Here’s the quick and dirty story.

I went to the system seminar, saw lots of people making crazy money, I wanted crazy money, I listened, learned and applied what I learned…

I made over six figures on my first internet launch.

After breaking my neck learning, studying and mastering these skills, I’ve gone on to make millions of dollars in the information marketing world.

Because I run in the circles of very high level internet marketers, I often have access to information, technology and tactics that don’t hit the main stream for years, and school owners aren’t aware of it for 3-5+ years.

For example, I held my first school owner event in August 2010, to specifically help BJJ/MMA schools and one of the things I taught was online retargeting. (Now, its about to be 2017 and I bet you don’t currently have an aggressive retargeting plan set up.)

A decade after learning internet marketing, I held my very first Internet Marketing event and I sold out.

My very first internet marketing coaching student, went on to make millions of dollars online.

He recently wrote a book that you should check out.

I have many coaching clients that have gone on to become celebrities in their own niches.

I started helping the school owners learn internet marketing, to build additional income streams for their families.

From there, the rest is history!


Is that I legitimized the BJJ/MMA school owners niche. Now you see every coach/consultant marketing to BJJ/MMA schools, when in the past, we weren’t even mentioned or thought about.

But don’t be fooled, you have coaches that don’t run martial arts school trying to coach, you have coaches that have never done BJJ or MMA and have no idea what the challenges are that we face in our culture.

Be very cautious who you select as your coach. If you wanted to become a BJJ world champion, would you select a coach who has a proven track record of creating BJJ world champions? Or a coach that creates karate world champions?

Like I’ve told everyone from the very beginning, you can run a highly profitable school and keep it real at the same time.