50 Students a Month, Without Spending A Dime…
Thanks To This Dirty Little Secret!

You understand the importance of traffic to your website, right?…

You realize that giving people many ways to find you, from Facebook to Instagram to Adwords to Twitter will make it easier for you to get students?

But what happens when you spend all of that money on advertising and you get nothing?

Still feeling motivated?

LOL. Once we start burning our wallets on paid advertising, we want results IMMEDIATELY! …. And sometimes no matter how hard we try, it doesn’t work.

But today I want to share a little secret with you.

Because I have been generating 50+ students a month without spending a dime…

I am leveraging the power of free traffic through to get my phones ringing, email accounts full and have a steady stream of kids students banging at my door ready to sign up.

What is that secret again?

Oh yeah….

I have been getting a steady stream of students straight from Google and YouTube for free, because I have the #1 video in the world for the term “kids jiu jitsu classes”

Go ahead, go to the Google Search bar and type “kids jiu jitsu classes” and see what video pops up as #1 in the search.

99% of the time, it’s this video below:

Not only is this important because it looks cool, but this has brought me thousands upon thousands of clicks to my website, because I’ve been able to maintain this for over 4 years!

1,000 Views in The First 24 Hours

When I first stumbled upon this secret, I had barely begun to dive real deep into SEO.  I was already dominating the regular web search, but I knew something was missing. And that something was YouTube!

Back the YouTube was still big, but Google had not yet really been integrating it into its regular search parameters.

Yeah, people went to YouTube to look up how to do things and funny cat videos, but it still wasn’t part of the normal search.

I knew that was about to change….

Immediately I did the following:

(mind you, some of this has change for 2016)

  • Researched my keywords
  • Stalked my competitors
  • Made a cool video
  • Uploaded the video

But How Would You Do The Same Thing Today?

First of all, let me explain, the process has not changed much!

YouTube still:

  • Is the world’s #2 search engine
  • Is owned by Google
  • Gets more traffic than Yahoo and Bing
  • 4 billion views per day

So you’re starting to get with this is kinda of a big deal, but you’re wondering can you do it? I have a few reasons for you.

Reason 1: Nobody Is Doing It Right!

How many blog posts have you read about Youtube Video SEO in the past year?

And how many about paid advertising? Exactly!

Facebook ads are all the rage, but they cost money just to test@

Yet, according to data from Compete.com, Youtube had over 4 billion views just today alone.

Don’t miss out on this free traffic source

Reason 2: Nobody Is Doing It Right!

Don’t you hate it when you’re googling your school and then your competitors ads pops up?

Yup, let’s face it….it’s totally unrelated and totally annoying!

They outspent your and now their ad is above your school in the web search.

Well guess what? You can do that to them too, but for free.  SEO your Youtube video and pop up before them! I’ve already done the research and nobody in our industry is doing this the right way!

So, if you want to be part of the club of f-a-s-t implementers that do this today, I’m going to show you how:

On INSERT DATE HERE I am hosting a free webinar that will be about 60 minutes long where I will layout my YouTube R.E.S.E.T. Method where I will layout from A-Z exactly what you need to dominate the video rankings your local area…and the best part is that most of you can get results in less than 24 hours!


Here Is More Proof:

You want more specifics? You get specifics!

I used this exact method to rank the hospital I work with for medical terms!

They got over 12,00 views and the #1 spot on Google

So what are you waiting for? This is pretty much a no brainer.


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