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Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 1

Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 1: How to Attract a Flood of Ideal Students to Your Martial Arts School. If you want to build a successful martial arts school, there are five keys to your success. These keys reflect the fact that you need a steady stream of new students paying you the right fees and staying with you longer. The five keys make up what [...]

Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 2

Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 2: How to Turn More Prospects Into Paying Students. In the first post in this series, we talked about How to Attract a Flood of Ideal Students to Your Martial Arts School. But getting people to call you is only the first step in the process. You need to follow that with a system that ensures you quickly turn these initial contacts [...]

Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 3

Mastering the MMA Blueprint Part 3: How to Get More Students to Increase Their Commitment and Stay Longer. In the previous post in this series, we covered How to Turn More Prospects Into Paying Students. However, once people sign up as students, your goal is to get them to make a long-term commitment to themselves, to martial arts and to the school. As instructors and school owners, [...]

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About Lloyd Irvin

Lloyd Irvin Jr. is a husband, father, Martial artist, Marketer and life long entrepreneur from Prince Georges County, Maryland. The last 19 years, Lloyd has owned and operated a “brick and mortar” business in Camp Springs, MD. One of his many passions is teaching martial arts to kids, adults, military, police and special forces units.

Lloyd spends his free time with his family, helping his son pursue his love of football and coaching World Class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and UFC fighters.

Along with his martial arts academy, he has created multiple million and multi-million dollar businesses online and offline. From Internet Marketing, Real Estate Investments, Direct Response Marketing and

Coaching and Consulting Services. Most importantly he has helped others create additional income in their businesses and even built million dollar plus businesses.

Mr. Irvin has three coaching/mastermind programs that cost $30k, $60k & $100K per year for entrepreneurs to consult with him and get his advice. Now he wants to help you for free.

Today, Lloyd is focusing on helping business owners scale their business and creating multiple streams of income outside of their original business.  Now he wants to help you scale your school!

Lloyd Irvin - MMA Business Coach

About MMA Business Coach

Marcos Avellan

Marcos Avellan

Marcos Avellan started out as a broke, college dropout, MMA fighter and became a successful MMA gym owner with a martial arts school that has been grossing over $1 million annually since 2006.

As one of the chief speakers for MMA Millionaires, he’s coached and mentored hundreds of MMA gym owners in how to run their businesses and how to market and sell their services.

His specialty is creating systems for martial arts staff – from how to do a sales presentation to how to run a kids class. Marcos has over 20 staff members in a 24 hour facility – so he knows plenty about delegation.

He has helped gym owners transform their businesses and changed their lives.

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